Simon Village

The fir and beech forests around provide a fresh air, specific to mountain depressions and untouched by pollution.
Summers are bracing, typical of the Sub Alpine Climate, with temperatures between 15-30 degrees C. Winters are frosty and rough with temperatures between 10-15 degrees C, ideal for skiing.
The Simon Valley is passed by the river with the same name that flows into Barsa River. In these waters you can fish trout. Nearby hills have a lot of springs, most of them drinking.
The village has two churches built in the XVIII-XIX - Th. centuries.


Beside the Ban Caste, the wonderful region gives you a lot of reasons to come to Bran.
The environs of Mama Cozonacilor allure you to travel. There is an impressive panorama that you can see from the hills in font of the villa, especially from Galma. The wonderful western mountainside of Bucegi lies to east, and to west you can see the Piatra Craiului Peek that frames the area. The north part offers you an unforgettable view over Barsa Country that unfolds from Bran's knoll up to the Olt's Belt near the Saxon town Feldioara.
Sunrises and sunsets are unique and the nocturne panorama over the Barsa Country can be compared to fireworks.

The village road traverses the village for approximately 5,5 km and then goes towards the mountain for another 5 km. Both sides of the road have river meadows, ideal for picnics. The first attraction is The Roarer from the Simon Gorges at about 2,5 km from the village. The more you get closer to the end of the road, the Batrana Mountains (2184 m) and Gutanu Mountains (2177 m) wonderfully unfold, with high cliffs and pitoresque valleys.
Then, the road splits to west and east. To west the road goes over the bridge that crosses the Simon River and it can be covered by car for another 1 km. From there you can reach The Gutanu Sheepfold and the Glade with the same name, on foot. This is the point from where you can travel on many routes to Omu Peek (2507 m), Padina Cottage etc. to east, the road can be covered by car for 1 km too, and it passes near the former bear observatory. From its end you can also reach Omu Peek on foot. The path passes near the Hole Sheepfold (1560 m), then it ascends near Devil's Mill, traverses The Hole Gorges, and from the right side of the valley you can reach The Stair Mountains up to the Chimneys' ………..(curmatura) (2315 m) from where you can see to west The Omu Cottage. You'll need a very good physical condition, but those who conquers this "Stone Fortress" will be rewarded by the panorama that opens in front of their eyes.

Drive by waggon or ride

We can organize wagon drives on the village road or on the forestry road to the mountain. Also, if you want, we can offer you ride on the locals' horses.

Traditional activities

  • sheep shearing
  • cheese making
  • growing animals
  • mowing and twisting the hay
  • processing the wool
  • harvesting the honey
  • gathering the wild fruits
  • slaughtering the pork
  • Taierea porcului
  • preparing the sponge cakes for holidays

Events and holidays

- 1st of January - wishing a Happy New Year
- slaughtering the lambs for Easter and cooking food for this holiday
- weighing the milk and choosing the best kook
- 2nd of July "St. Ilie" - beginning of the hay making
- Summer Fair from Moieciu
- 9th of August the Pantelimon Fair
- Nedeia Muntilor - The Fundata Fair
- 25th of October "Sumedru's Fire"
- October - the sheep rummage
- 24th of December - carols and Christmas's Eve
- 31st of December - 1st of January New Year's Eve

On holidays, there are balls where you can dance on folk music.

What can you visit

  1. Bran at 6 km (760m)
    The Bran Castle, the ethnographical museum, the monument where the heart of Queen Mary lies, restaurants, Internet cafes, souvenirs
  2. Moieciu de Sus (950 m)
    the cliffs from Gradistea Gorges, restaurants, a picturesque waterfall: Chisatoarre, that is a biological reservation
  3. Brasov at 30 km from Rodica Villa
    the Black Church, the first Romanian school, the History Museum, clubs, discos, restaurants
  4. The Babele Peak (2200m) and Ialomita's Cave (1600m)
    the marked routes give you access directly from Bran, or by car from Sinaia to Fieni and to Ialomita's Cave
  5. Dambovicioara Cave and The Mausoleum from Mateiasi
    on NR from Bran to Rucar, then to Dambovicioara Cave and the Mausoleum from Mateiasi
  6. Rasnov at 16 km
    The Rasnov fortress
  7. Poiana Brasov at 34 km
    ski and sledge tracks, clubs, discos, restaurants
  8. Paraul Rece (960 m), Predeal (1030m) at 21-30 km
    ski and sledge tracks, clubs, discos
  9. Azuga, Busteni at 50 km
    ski and sledge tracks, clubs, discos, restaurants, Babele Funicular
  10. Sinaia (800m) at 70km
    ski and sledge tracks, clubs, discos, restaurants, The Peles Castle and The Pelisor, The Casino, The Sinaia Monastery, Cota 1400
  11. Sighisoarra at 120 km
    The Medieval Fortress, rustic restaurant, clubs, discos
  12. Sambata de Sus at 100 km
    The Sambata de Sus Monastery, The Fagaras Country
  13. Sibiu at 170km
    The Brukental and Franz Binder Museum, the medieval fortress, The Liers' Bridge, clubs and discos, restaurants

Mountain sports (Mountaineering, Skiing, Mountain biking, Bungee jumping)

For the adepts of this sport, the West Side of Bucegi gives you ideal conditions.

The near-by hills and the tracks equipped in the Bran area satisfy the needs of those who like this sport. For the experts of this sport, Poiana Brasov, situated at only 25 km from Rodica Villa, offers you the best ski tracks in Romania.

Mountain biking
The alpine and forestry roads from the West Side of Bucegi Mountains are ideal for mountain biking. Many touristic routes or parts of them seem to have been made especially for this sport.

Bungee jumping
(aprox 20 km from Rodica Villa)

Those who like extreme sports can jump in the Rasnoavei Gorges. This is the second height Bungee jumping installation in Europe (150 m free fall)!

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